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Joined: 06/01/2011

Sheffield, Leeds, Nottingham.... what do they all have in common? They all have a forum and now so does Leicester! John Moss talks about Leicesters new forum, Leicester Talk, designed to help the community he grew up in!

What Leicester was a place for people to come and discuss whatever they like Around this time last year I found myself looking for things to do in Leicester during the Christmas brake... Unfortunately after a few internet searches turning up nothing I was forced to reluctantly give up and it’s a real shame when we have so many fantastic things happening in Leicester.. It was then that the brain wave hit him, why not have a place where local Leicester people can let each other know exactly what’s going on...

After some research of other cities it quickly became obvious that what Leicester needed was a forum, a place for people to come and discuss whatever they like. From their favourite place to eat or drink, what to do about a frozen pipe, or even to the recent EDL/UAF protest.

A few weeks later and Leicester Talk was born. A Leicester Forum for all things Leicester. It wasn’t smooth running at first, there was allot to get my head around and an awful lot of tinkering to be done behind the scenes.

The first group of members really found Leicester Talk after the Euro Key fire back in May, with the fire blazing at the weekend and the news websites still writing the articles for release the following day, people wanted a place to see what was going on.. Leicester Talk gave them that option, within hours of the fire starting people had posted pictures and even videos of the events unfolding.

I really hope to encourage people to join the conversation! So what’s in store for the new year? Well I really hope to encourage people to join the conversation! It’s free and we have lots of helpful friendly members that want to say hi and discuss any topic that you can care to think about.

I will also be out and about in Leicester spreading the word about Leicester Talk and I encourage anyone else to do so to!

Note: Leicester Talk is currently offering free advertising to all Leicester and Leicestershire based businesses, organisations, or events. To enquire about this please email

If you have any comments or suggestions on how to improve Leicester Talk or help spread the word, please feel free to email me at