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What is Leicester Talk? A new website on the LE postcode

Leicester Talk is a new online community for Leicester and Leicestershire. Launched in January 2010 it already features over 28,000 different topics on subjects ranging from the Eurokey fire to the best places to visit for new comers to Leicester.

Attracting visitors from all over the globe, they “seek to promote Leicester on a global scale”. Allowing anyone and everyone to ask a question or discuss something about Leicester and get genuine responses from genuine people or businesses.

So if it’s John Smith from LE3, Leicester asking for plumber recommendations or Jane Smith from Sydney, Australia asking about which tourist attractions in Leicester are worth visiting, Leicester Talk hope that the community will help and provide some genuine recommendations.

Leicester Talk also provides an area for open debate and discussion, so if you want to talk about your favorite book or why your computer keeps on crashing, you could find some useful and interesting insights.

To quote what one member had to say about Leicester Talk
“Just what Leicester and Leicestershire needed, a 'One stop' web site that is informative, independent, friendly and fun with lots of potential to be THE web site for residents past and present. Potential visitors can also get real honest information from those that know the good and even better places to see in and around Leicester”

However what is a community without members? Leicester Talk would like to issue an invitation for anyone interested in Leicester or Leicestershire to register it’s free and easy…. Don’t worry they don’t bite (although they may nibble).

Leicester Talk is constantly improving itself with the aim of being a resource for Leicester, its residents, and it’s visitors. So make sure to check back regularly.

Visit Leicester Talk today! - Leicester Forum