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If your business failed, would you want it dead or alive?

Keeping a business alive and kicking is every business ownerÌs main priority but if your company ever needs intensive care will you know where to find the right specialist to help?

There are many reasons why companies get into trouble; cash-flow problems, loss of a major supplier or simple lack of focus can all threaten the life-blood of a business. When a company is in trouble and insolvency threatens most organisations seek some form of business advice, either from an accountant, solicitor or the local Business Link, before they speak to their bank. However, it is at this crucial time that speed is very much of the essence and the slightest delay can prove to be terminal.

Help is at hand, however, in the form of a small band of professionals whose sole reason for being is to save company lives. These Turnaround professionals are skilled in business recovery and they can literally breathe life back into a company by moving quickly to take charge of the situation and create and implement effective recovery strategies.

Ivor Goodwin, executive director of Corporate Doctors said ÏThe incidence of insolvency is increasing, but in the majority of cases, if business problems are dealt with quickly, it doesnÌt have to be the only way. Speedy business turnaround is the answer to get ailing companies back on track. Help usually starts with looking at the urgent creditor position, often the Crown, followed by the creation of a plan for survival and eventual recovery. We then seek financial support to enable a client to manage a cash crisisÓ.

The Turnaround Manager is a very rare breed, indeed! He or she is a highly experienced, commercial professional, probably with boardroom battle scars and many grey hairs into the bargain. It is their resilience, perception and courage that will literally drive the wolf away from your office door. In summary, if you want your business to survive, they are the people to call.

Your solicitor, accountant or bank should be able to put you in touch with a Business Turnaround Specialist if they donÌt handle this type of work themselves, but if you would like to speak to someone right now, in complete confidence, then please contact Corporate Doctors on 01509 621877 or visit our website for more information: