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Narrative Laboratory for the Creative Industries

The world of technology moves quickly. Choose to be on the cusp of new narrative and technological developments by joining the NLab Network. You will have the opportunity to attend four seminars geared to generating partnerships between small creative businesses and authors, poets, designers, and other creators. Creativity is the key for these four seminars and membership is free of charge. Find out more at
All seminars are hosted by the new Institute of Creative Technologies, De Montfort University, Leicester, and include a keynote speaker, panel discussions, and workshops. Mandy Rose: Broadcasting & Publishing, Friday, 31st March 2006
Mandy Rose is editor of New Media for BBC Wales. She co-produced the BBC 2 documentary Video Nation before moving to Wales in 2001. The New Media Department produces websites and interactive television for Wales - and and for the UK - with a focus on public participation. It has pioneered digital storytelling in the UK through the Capture Wales project.

Suw Charman: Blogs, Communities, and Social Software, Tuesday, 25th April 2006
Suw Charman is blog consultant, journalist and author and has written for The Guardian, BBC Wales and the Melody Maker. She also blogs at Strange Attractor and HeardSaid, writes about Palm smartphones at All About Palm, and co-hosts The Movie Show podcast.

Ernest W. Adams: Games, Monday, 22nd May 2006
Ernest W. Adams is an independent game design consultant. He co-founded the International Game Developers Association, writes his Designer's Notebook column for Gamasutra, gives workshops and lectures, writes books on game design, and has 17 years’ experience in the game industry.

Ross Parry: Tourism and Heritage, Thursday, 29th June 2006
Ross Parry is Programme Director for the University of Leicester’s campus-based Museum Studies programmes. His research is in the area of ‘digital heritage’. Crossing the fields of history, art history, architecture, history of science and new media studies, Ross is interested in the relationship between new technology (including pre-digital technology) and the ways memory institutions, such as museums, manage information and display knowledge.

International Conference – July 2006
Network Members will also be invited to the NLab National conference planned for July 2006.

Email Jess Laccetti,, with the following information:
* how membership of NLab would contribute to your professional development
* your name, address, email, url, and artform / profession.

Please note that priority will be given to applicants from the East
Midlands, but if you live outside the region do still apply because we may
need your skills in the mix.

Deadline for applications: 1st March 2006
Notification of decision: 13th March 2006

NLab Team
NLab is managed by a team of writers and researchers at De Montfort University:
•Project Director: Professor Sue Thomas
•Project Manager: Gavin Stewart
•Research Assistant: Jessica Laccetti
•Consultant: Kate Pullinger

NLab is affiliated to the Online MA in Creative Writing & New Media - - and the PgDip in Publishing and New Media -
NLab was created with funding to De Montfort University from HEIF 2. HEIF 2 is a partnership between the Department of Trade and Industry/Office
of Science and Technology (DTI/OST), HEFCE, and the Department for Education and Skills (DfES). Funds are awarded to support universities and
colleges in their third stream engagement with business and community partners, increasing their capability to respond to the needs of business,
public services and the wider community, and to transfer knowledge.

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